Top Civil Engineering Professional Websites for Engineers ( Student+ Job)

Top List of Civil Engineering Professional and official Websites for Engineers ( B-tech Students+ Job seeking people), Jobs update,News and Other information There are very few Civil Engineering websites in the market and that are too not visible clearly to the People who love to connect with Civil Engineering platforms. Only they become satisfied with a little group around them.Today i will show you the top available and latest websites of Civil engineering you must follow and get latest News about Civil Engineering in a Flash. Hope you will love this Top Civil Engineering Professional Websites For students|2014 Updated.

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Top Civil Engineering Professional Websites for Engineers ( Student+ Job)-

Civil Engineering Courses

Civil Engineering Courses

Here I have not ranked websites but these are arranged in random Manner only. Here is he list of websites and with the little portion of the field they deal with.

1. –

😉  😀 ,, Here you will actually get the Job Stuff for Civil engineering students and the area which a Civil engineering student need to be well prepared for getting a good job. Also here you will get knowledge about the Big Fishes in Civil Engineering sea for the placements too.


This is basically a regular News update websites of Civil engineering which Includes all he major Field i.e traffic Engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Structural and Hydraulic Engineering too. You will also get latest news from ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers too from here.

3. is also a much quality Civil Engineer website upto which Subject Knowledge is concerned. The admin is much helpful and you can ask him questions related to your query any time and he will be ready to help you. It covers both software as well as Subject knowledge from here.


This looks to be a much mature Civil engineering portal for Students ,Teachers and engineers are concerned.  You will be updated here instantly about world Civil engineering news and Career guide here.


Basically a workshop website for Civil engineering students where you can get much and much knowledge about practical implementation of this Field and alo can participate in different projects too.

Sorry if i forget any other name above.

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  1. Hello Namit,

    Kindly have a look at

    Consider adding us in your list.

    If there are any areas of improvement, kindly let us know. We will try to improve on it.

    On this platform, peoples share their practical experiance and help others to learn and get knowledge from it.

    All members can participate in discussion, knowledge sharing, learning as well as teaching others.
    Its community made by civil engineers for civil engineers to become Todays Better Civil Engineers and reduce the cost of reworks caused due to lack of knowledge.

    Members get cummulative experiance of 1000’s of years without making mistakes in work for becoming better.

    Thank You

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