Elastomeric Bearing Pads in Bridges|Load bearing capacity|Designs

Elastomeric Bearing Pads in Bridges|Load bearing capacity|Designs and use in Bridge engineering- Final semester students are really lucky those who have been granted opportunity to get in trained in Bridges Construction. Because a lot to learn their and in this I would love to tell you about Elastomeric Bridge bearing which have generally a huge load carrying capacity and plays a crucial role in transferring the Deck Slab load to the foundation. Here i will show you how bearing looks and importance of using bearing in Bridges Construction. 

Recently I have also got some queries asking about Alternatives of Elastometric bearings in Bridges or flyover constructions.

Elastomeric Bearing Pads in Bridges|Load bearing capacity|Designs-

First let me tell you what exactly Elastomeric bearings are and what are their role in Bridge Engineering but before you strictly need to have an idea of SEISMIC STOPPERS IN BRIDGE.

What Wiki says about Elastomeric bearings-

Elastomeric bridge bearing are a commonly used modern bridge bearing. There are several different similar types of bridge bearings that include neoprene bearing pads, neoprene bridge bearings, laminated elastomeric bearings and seismic isolators which are all generally referred to as bridge bearing pads in the construction industry.

Use of Mechanical Bridge bearing is decreased to a large extent and due to its Rigid nature and Elastomeric bearing definitely have an upper hand among them.

How Bearing looks In Formed Bridge-

Yes, get understand with examples and we are done with our basic job.

Bridge bearings

Zoom It :D.

After knowing about the bearings deeply I was eager to know about the Load carrying capacity of each bearing used in Bridge construction.

I asked the site Engineer and he told me that values of Load carrying capacities are predefined and for that site it was approx. 137MT ( Mega Tonne) and after knowing this One thing was clear to me ( Size doesn’t matters 😛 .. Quality matters).

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more training updates friends.

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