Top 5 Best Scientific Calculators for Civil Engineers, Students, and Professionals

Top 5 Best Scientific Calculators for Civil Engineers / Architects/ Interior Designers, Students, and Professionals- Scientific calculators are the need of the hour at the present time as it is very difficult to solve the equations manually and then work on the results. In Civil engineering, the entire science is about measurements, forces, loads and angles. Therefore, having a good scientific calculator is must for you no matter you are Student, Contractor, Estimator, Framer, Remodelers.

What’s the difference between Scientific engineering and Normal calculators?

Normal Calculators are limited to basic mathematical calculations like ( Addition, Subtraction, Divide, Underroot, Percentage and calculation history). But Technical people need much more than that like Angles, Cube root, Equations solutions, Sin, Cos, tan, Exponentials equations and much more. There comes the need of Scientific Calculators. They generally have all the inclusions said before.

Why Civil Engineering Calculators?

Few Calculators in the market are having some options like- Arc, Stair, length, Width, height, Circ sort of the commands which makes it easier for construction  Engineers and to get the values faster than the normal traditional one. Here I am recommending you the list of the “Top recommended Scientific Calculators for Construction Professionals”.

Top 5 Scientific Calculators for Civil Engineers, Students, and Professionals-

1. Construction Master Pro-

Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Construction Math Feet-inch-Fraction Calculator for Contractors, Estimators, Builders, Framers, Remodelers, Renovators and Carpenters.


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Features– It is the only calculator which comes in 3 formats i.e Desktop, Handheld, and Desktop PC. If you are not comfortable carrying this device then you can simply install it in your Laptop or PC and use it seamlessly.


  • Works in all building dimension formats
  • Features custom fractions
  • Full trigonometric functions
  • Work in and convert between any building dimension, including metric


Review From Tomalton- 

As a professional estimator I rate this calculator as a must have item. Figuring stair risers, roof pitch, jack rafters, concrete volume all became so much easier and faster. I am able to provide accurate answers to customers in an instant.

2.Casio fx-115ES PLUS Engineering/Scientific Calculator

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  • Over 280 functions, including fractions, statistics, complex number calculations, base arithmetic, linear regression, standard deviation, computer science, and polar-rectangular conversions
  • Suitable for Solving- All General Mathematics courses, Algebra, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics problems.
  • Matrix and Vector Calculations

Review From Mash- 

Use it for engineering classes and it honestly has more features than I will ever need. Not sure why students spends hundreds on the TI ones. If I really want to graph something I’ll use the grapher app on my MacBook. Or even the google calculator which I can do on my phone. And I solve everything else on Matlab, which is a more useful skill to have.

3. HP 35s Scientific Calculator-

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  • Engineering, Surveying, Science, Medicine, Display type: LCD
  • Adjustable contrast with 2 lines x 14 characters + indicators.
  • The calculator does not have polar to rectangular functions.
  • The HP-35s uses two CR2032 Lithium Batteries.

Review from Vince Dandini

I bought this to replace my exhausted HP 42S and it’s a worthy replacement. It does take some getting used to in that the location of the functions have been moved around from the 42S so there’s some searching involved at first. The keys also have a different feel to them too and the user’s manual comes on a CD rather than in hard copy so, if you want to sit in a chair and fiddle with it to learn it, you have to print it out.

4. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator, Black-

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  • Easily Understand the equations with Graphical Representation.
  • PSAT*, SAT*, and ACT* college entrance exams.
  • AP* Exams that allow or require a graphing calculator.
  • Approved for use on the IB exam.

Reviews from Robert R. Fisher

Recently purchased my third TI-84 got my kids entering high school. After 7 years of use I can report durability, ease of use, and applicability from algebra 1 through calculous. This most recent purchase was for the plus with color and my algebra 2 student reports he likes the color graphing quite a bit.

5. Sharp EL-W535TGBBL 16-Digit Scientific Calculator with WriteView-

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  • Large 16 Digit, 4 Line LCD Display with WriteView
  • 422 Functions with 8 Temporary and 3 Definable Memory Buttons
  • Home Key Allows Users To Start Fresh From Any Screen

Review from Lucas S.

I wanted to replace my 8-year-old Sharp EL-531X with a new model. This product has an almost identical keyboard layout. The display is nice too.

This was the best-recommended meters for digital meters of almost every cost range.

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Comment below if you have any other ideas or any other recommendations about it.

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