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Military Engineering Services Career for Civil Engineering Students

Finally I have found a new rising branch in Civil engineering in which engineers are getting much reputed job profiles after Forensic Civil Engineering branch. You must have listen civil is always the most toughest and reliable engineering course. Today I am going to share a Military aspect of Civil Engineering in which you can make a respectable career and obviously earn some constant and respectable Salary too.

I am also a guy who dreams to be a Military Engineer and i hope my eagerness will also help you out and help you to know about Military Civil Engineering in details. I personally want you to add below via comments if you have some extra knowledge about this field and help the community.

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Scope of Civil Engineering in Military-

While searching for this topic the primary thing come to mind is the scope of Civil Engineers in nation military. Today most of the leading Nations like India , USA Canada etc involves skilled civil engineer in their group as it helps them in many manner.

 Military Engineering Services Career for Civil Engineering Students

Civil Engineering students can work in military for the following reasons-

1. In case of any Natural Disaster their are some remote areas and the military help can not be provided directly so in that case Civil Engineer plays an important role in constructing such roads who can withstand High Impact Military tanks in lesser in most danger zone area.

2. In creating those Mega structures of Military get together which are near the danger zone and making them safe from following factors- Vibration load, Earth Quake resistant buildings with proper quality assurance use of products.

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Military Engineering Groups By Country are shown below-

  1. India-Corps of Engineers, Indian Army
  2. Australia-Royal Australian Engineers
  3. Canada-Canadian Military Engineers
  4. Ireland-Irish Army Engineer Corps
  5. Israel-Combat Engineering Corps
  6. New Zealand-Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers
  7. Pakistan-Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers
  8. Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka Engineers
  9. United Kingdom-Corps of Royal Engineers
  10. United States Army Corps of Engineers,Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency

Pros of Military Civil Engineer over CIVIL Engineer-

Military Civil Engineer have definitely much secure and safe life than that of other Civil engineers and they can expect More Salary, Respect than a Simple Civil engineer.

Requirements for Military Engineering Services-

Basic requirements matches with the Common Military admissions which involve Physical Efficiency covering Height-Weight Characteristics, Fitness Characteristics and more.

In addition with this they need good Civil Engineer who knows all the engineering practice and tests such as Quality Control Test.

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