Manual cars more popular than Automatic cars – Finally it Depends on the user and usage

 Manual cars more popular than Automatic cars – Finally it Depends on the user and usage 

When it comes to automobile technology, there are vast new progressive ideas cropping up every now and then. These ideas finally replace the age old concepts successfully and thus pave way for more technologically advanced cars. An increasing number of people are switching to small cars with automatic gearboxes. Sale of automatic cars in the recent days have picked up owing to improved fuel efficiency, ease of driving, parking and maneuverability and above all thanks to higher purchasing power of the buyer.

The major differences between the manual and automatic gearshift transmission are as follows. The driver has to manually change the gears when he wants to increase or decrease the speed of the car in a manual gear shift system. In automatic transmission the gear change takes place automatically as the vehicle moves, which free the driver from changing gears manually. A clutch pedal, gearshift and gears are the components of a manual car whereas; a gear shift lever, torque convertor and gears are those of an automatic car.

A car using automatic transmission changes gears on behalf of the driver, making the driver feel more relaxed and pleasurable. It is also much easier to learn to drive an automatic car. Such cars are a boon particularly for people having some sort of handicap. It is easier to drive an automatic car in heavy traffic as the car takes care of all the speed reduction and acceleration. The clutch pedal is often worn out fast in manual cars owing to constant use. This problem is also shunned away in case of automatic cars.

However the cars with automatic transmission are quite expensive as it is very much complicated to develop and build such cars. Also, most automatic transmissions still need to be serviced far more often than manual transmissions. And if something goes wrong, a manual transmission will cost you less to repair than an automatic in the same type of vehicle. As they are more complicated, automatic cars needs to drink more fuel than their manual counterparts.

For day to day commuting automatic cars are quite good. One can get to work without being squeezed out from using the gears and clutch and driving is much easier while coming back from work. Nevertheless they are not preferable for distance driving as you need better control of the vehicle at such times. Manual cars are preferable on uneven roads or rough terrain.

Maruti Celerio, Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari LaFerrari, and BMW M4 are few automatic cars. All said it is true to some extent that manual cars are more popular than automatic cars, especially in India.

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