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Glass Roof tiles design

Glass Roof Tiles Designs,Cost Estimation,Availability Solar Energy trapper

Are you Shocked with this term now? Glass Roof tiles

let me tell you this is a very traditional method and we are using it from long times in Green Homes concept whose main focus is to save energy and minimize Energy loss.

Glass Roof Tiles Wiki Details and Safe Design process with complete Cost Estimation will be shown here .Solar Energy trapper Glass Roof tiles does the job this time for saving Solar Energy and is introduced as the latest method too. People are searching for specifications and Costing of these latest Glass Roof tiles design.Main idea of this Tiles are to make the Energy which is generally wasted in Traditional roof tiles to be converted in something useful and worthy.


Glass Roof Tiles Designs,Cost Estimation,Availability Solar Energy trapper-

Glass Roof tiles design
Glass Roof tiles design


Advantages to Glass Roof Tiles-

The solid advantages of Glass Roof tiles are shown here to you and hope you will find it interesting too.

1. Keeps your House hot in Winters by trapping Sunlight.

2. It definitely have a good looking Interface than the traditional one.

Disadvantages of Glass Roof tiles-

Every coin have two sides and lets dig in to its disadvantages.

1. Problem could be face in Summers due to extra heat and is adequate only in the Cold area.

2. Cost of the project increases.

3. Availability is limited in Asian countries.

Availability of this Tiles and Top Dealers will be updated soon.

The Glass tiles definitely have variety of shades and can be customized one too.


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