“Flappy Bird” Creator Dong Nguyen Found Dead 2014 Wiki Details|Game

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“Flappy Bird” Creator Dong Nguyen Found Dead 2014 Wiki Details|Game-  “Flappy Bird” recently came in to the party when it has made a record of earning about 50,000$ in a single day via advertisements. Now it is again in the trend but this is due to a very bad news as the Creator of this game has committed suicide in his home by shooting himself with a gun.

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“Flappy Bird” Creator Dong Nguyen Found Dead 2014 Wiki Details|Game-

Authorities are confirming that Nguyen committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol. Meanwhile he was looking very disturbed when media has promoted hi game to the large extent and he tweeted that he does not want all this overrating of his success.

Dong nguyen could not handle this much publicity and suddenly he is dead.

RIP Dong Nguyen Share this must and tell us more updates.Comment below and share your feelings.

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